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"Life is too short to even care at all."
I met paramore on 10.09.2013, best day of my whole life.
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There's always another day


More of Cassandra Jean’s flower cards — we’re now onto The Infernal Devices, and these cards are done in oils, not watercolor. Jem and Will, together as always!

Together as always.

Happy 25th birthday, Daniel Jacob Radcliffe.  (July 23, 1989)
Jace: so... Cassie said you are the hottest
Jules: *blushes* what can I do?
Will: I don't think you get it, man
Jace: you know, we Herondales have been the hottest for...
Will: ever. we won't just give you the title
Jace: and we've always been strong
Jules: QUACK
Will: omfg YOU CAN KEEP IT

@yelyahwilliams: Sup mr president? #firstkid #Sinbad


Last words on the last books of different book series. [Part one]