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"Life is too short to even care at all."
I met paramore on 10.09.2013, best day of my whole life.
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There's always another day

Tom Hiddleston is the latest victim to take up the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (and we’d like to thank Nathan Fillion for providing him with the opportunity).


Tom Daley and Jake Bass #nuffsaid 


“Freely we serve
Because we freely love, as in our will
To love or not; in this we stand or fall.”
-City of Heavenly Fire

ㅠ.ㅠ cue happy tears


TID/TMI meme: no reason, I just love you

Alec Lightwood

“Alec keeps sending me annoying photos. Lots of captions like Wish you were here, except not really.” 

credits for the awesome cards to Cassandra Jean.



Famous Shadowhunter families


nephilim week: [tmi]

favorite character: Alexander Gideon Lightwood

He was Jace’s parabatai and that was all the glory he needed or wanted: like being the dark star to someone else’s supernova.


She was holding the hand of a very familiar, very handsome boy with mussed dark hair; he looked tall and rangy in an elegant black suit and white shirt that set off his high-cheekboned face. As Clary watched, he leaned over to whisper something into her ear, and she smiled, her face lighting up.
“Brother Zachariah,” Isabelle said. “Months January through December of the Hot Silent Brothers Calendar. What’s he doing here?”
“There’s a Hot Silent Brothers Calendar?” said Alec. “Do they sell it?”   

artwork by Cassandra Jean

Alec said, clearly pleased with himself.